Alternative Testing Accommodation Procedure

This is a review of the steps to use your accommodations on exams. Whenever you want to use your accommodations on an exam, you must follow these steps. If you would like to go over this process in person, please make an appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist by calling 608-663-2362.

During the semester, the process for setting up accommodations for your tests is as follows:


This form can be found outside of the Assistive Technology Specialist’s office or on our webpage. One Form needs to be filled out for EVERY test you want to take in our testing room. We need this form AT LEAST one week in advance; if dates are given for all of your exams in a class syllabus, feel free to fill out a form for each exam at the beginning of the semester, then let our office know about any changes in times or dates as each exam approaches. If you turn in a request less than one week in advance we cannot guarantee the best accommodations. When you give us a form or fill out an online form, you should receive an email confirmation from our office within 48 hours; if you do not hear from one of us, please contact us to make sure we have received and entered your request.


Both of these can be found outside of the Assistive Technology Specialist’s office. There are no online versions of these items. One envelope OR Electronic delivery info sheet needs to be filled out for EVERY test you want to take in our testing room. These are the forms you give to your instructor to inform them of your intent to take an exam in our testing room. These also give the instructors the information they need to get the exam to us. Give the envelope or the Electronic delivery info sheet to your professor ONE WEEK before your exam; we do not recommend giving them a bunch of envelopes or Electronic delivery info sheets at the beginning of the semester as they can get lost. If you give the envelope or info sheet to your professor less than one week before the exam, they may tell you that you need to take the exam in class as they did not receive proper notice.

Our Testing Room Hours Are From 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. We prefer that you take the exam at the same time as the rest of the class, but if your class schedule prevents you from receiving your extra time or if your exam falls outside of normal testing hours, then you will need to take the exam at a different time or even on a different day. In these cases, it is especially important to fill out the request form for us and the envelope/info sheet for your professor in a timely manner, as the professor may have a preference of you taking the exam before or after the class.

If you turn in a request, and the exam date ends up changing or you decide to take it in class, please email the Assistive Technology Specialist or the Director of Accessibility and Disability Services to let us know! That way we can free up times on the calendar for others who may need the testing room.

Also, if you need to change your exam time for any reason (illness, unexpected conflict, etc.) you MUST HAVE YOUR PROFESSOR APPROVE IT FIRST! You can ask if we have space for the time you would like to reschedule, but you must get the permission of your professor BEFORE we will reschedule!

Repeated failures to follow this procedure, even after written and verbal reminders of testing procedure, may result in the temporary loss of your testing accommodations! If this happens you will need to schedule a meeting with Accessibility and Disability Services to resolve the issue.