Assistive Technology Software Programs and Hardware Devices

Student Accessibility and Disability Services offers students with disabilities software programs and hardware devices.

Software Programs include:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: a speech-recognition program for anyone who prefers talking to typing. Dragon converts speech to text in many mainstream programs (e.g., Microsoft Office suite, Web browsers) and allows students fulfill assignments; send e-mail; use the Web; and command and control their computers by using their voice.
  • ZoomText: screen-magnification and reading program that provides students with visual impairments both visual and auditory access to what is on screen. Content can be enlarged.
  • Kurzweil 3000: is a comprehensive reading, writing, and studying program for students with learning disorders and for English-language learners. This program reads text aloud while highlighting each spoken word. It offers students tools to increase reading speed and comprehension, as well as features to improve writing skills, such as spell checking, word prediction, dictionary etc.
  • JAWS: (Job Access with Speech) is a dedicated screen-reading program for students who are blind or who have severe visual impairments. JAWS tracks a user’s position as work within different applications, and reads literally what is taking place on screen.

Hardware Devices and Equipment Loan Program

Students registered with the Office of Student Accessibility and Disability Services are permitted to borrow equipment such as recorders, FM transmitters, for the duration of a semester. Examples of hardware devices that are loaned out to students are:

  • Digital Recorders
  • Ipads
  • Smartpen: Helps students to take notes and record lectures at the same time. Recorded lectures can be downloaded and play back later.
  • FM transmitter systems: Used by students who are hard of hearing are used to amplify classroom lectures.
  • Vision enhancement Cameras for students with Low Vision in the classroom.