Notetaker Responsibilities

YOU MUST DO THIS: After your appointment with the Assistive Technology Specialist, you will need to see Sherley Thao in the Human Resources Office to complete additional employment forms if you are not already an Edgewood College employee.

1. Attend all scheduled classes, except in cases of illness and emergencies. Inform the student when you cannot be in class. If the student receiving notes is anonymous, remind the professor that you are a note taker for a student.

2. Arrange for a substitute note taker for days when you will be absent. We recommend that you ask someone else in the class to take notes for you if you cannot do so yourself. If your student is known, make sure that you discuss arrangements for substitute notes with the student for whom you’re taking notes. If you are unable to arrange for a substitute note taker, please discuss this with the professor before you are absent.

3. Get the scanned copies of your notes to the student or Kasey Shannon, Assistive Technology Specialist, no later than 3pm on Friday. If for any reason the notes will be late, you must discuss this with me in advance. Too many late submissions will lead to a decrease in the amount paid at the end of the semester.

4. Keep note taking assignments confidential. Please do not share the fact that you are providing notes for another student.

5. If you know your student, get feedback on the notes from the student.

6. If you are unable to continue being a note taker, please give both the student and us as much advanced warning as possible; two weeks is preferable.

7. Near the end of the semester you will receive an email with the Note taker Payment Verification Form attached. You must return it by the due date if you want to be paid on time. The payment comes from the Business office, and will be paid at the end of the semester.

In the event that the student for whom you are taking notes drops the class, they are responsible for notifying the note taker immediately of this change; Accessibility and Disability Services will also notify you if your services are no longer needed. Upon notification, employment ceases. You will be paid a prorated amount for the time that you did take notes. If you have any questions or concerns please check with Accessibility and Disability Services at 608-663-2362.

Thank you for your help!